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Medieval Europe, 9/e
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The Later Middle Ages: Crisis and Creativity
Medieval History 9e Cover

General Research Resources

Part 3: The Later Middle Ages: Crisis and Creativity

Students who wish to pursue further research into the cultures covered in Part I should keep in mind that the Internet has not replaced books as the primary source for information. A lot of information is available on the net, but not all of it is of the highest quality.

General Research Resources

  • Medieval
    A commercial service whose Internet guides are sometimes very good indeed.
  • Google
    Google's search methodology makes it the best for research. Currently it offers the most coverage of the major search engines.
  • Exploring Ancient World Cultures
    Although this began as an "online textbook," it has evolved into something more useful, with major indices of online articles, art, and resources, organized into regional/chronological guides.
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook
    Lists, where known, all major online texts in a series of annotated index pages.
  • ORB: Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies
  • Creative Impulse: Medieval Page
    A guide to Internet resources on the Middle Ages
    Less extensive than Britannica, this electronic version of the Concise Columbia Encyclopedia can still be a very useful way to check small details, dates, and so forth. Greece in General