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Drawing from Observation
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Drawing from Observation

Brian Curtis, University of Miami


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Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Materials
Chapter 3: Drawing Mechanics
Chapter 4: Intuitive Gesture
Chapter 5: The Perceptual Grid
Chapter 6: Intuitive Perspective
Chapter 7: Positive/Negative Space
Chapter 8: Proportion
Chapter 9: The 'Golden Mean'
Chapter 10: Cross-Contour
Chapter 11: Foreshortened Circles
Chapter 12: Biomorphic Form
Chapter 13: Chiaroscuro
Chapter 14: Historical Framework
Chapter 15: Linear Perspective, 1 & 2 Point
Chapter 16: Linear Perspective, 3 Point
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About the Author
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Perceptual drawing, in which one renders the physical world as it appears to an observer, is the focus of this new text for the introductory drawing course. Drawing from Observation offers a balanced mix of hands-on technique and perceptual theory while making a compelling argument for the long-term value of studying perception-based drawing.

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