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Dimensions of Human Sexuality, 6/e
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Dimensions of Human Sexuality, 6/e

Curtis O. Byer, Mt. San Antonio College
Louis W. Shainberg, Mt. San Antonio College
Grace Galliano, Kennesaw State University
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Chapter 1: Thinking About Human Sexuality
Chapter 2: Communication and Sexuality
Chapter 3: Attraction, Love, and Partnerships
Chapter 4: Female Anatomy, Physiology, and Sexual Health
Chapter 5: Male Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Sexual Health
Chapter 6: Sexually Transmitted Infections
Chapter 7: HIV and AIDS
Chapter 8: Sexual Response, Dysfunction, and Therapy
Chapter 9: Sexual Pleasuring
Chapter 10: Sexuality in Disability and Illness
Chapter 11: Biological Sexual Development
Chapter 12: Gender Identity and Gender Roles
Chapter 13: Childhood and Adolescent Sexuality
Chapter 14: Adult Sexuality
Chapter 15: Fertility Management
Chapter 16: Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth
Chapter 17: Variations in Sexual Behavior
Chapter 18: Commercial and Coercive Sex
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The sixth edition of Dimensions of Human Sexuality reflects the latest research in human sexuality, with its organization and coverage streamlined to meet the needs of sexuality courses. In addition to a revised organization, the new edition features new end-of-chapter pedagogy geared to foster student critical thinking skills, and coverage of sexual orientation has been enhanced throughout the text.