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Dimensions of Human Sexuality, 6/e
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Thinking About Human Sexuality
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Learning Objectives

After completing this chapter, you should be able to:

Describe the components of human sexuality.

List and describe traditional sources of sexual knowledge and describe how science can expand such understanding.

List and describe five social institutions that influence our sexuality.

List recent social changes and describe how they have an influence on our sexuality.

Contrast the typical person's ways of trying to understand sexuality with the three major ways utilized by the sexuality scholar.

Summarize some of what scholars know about sexuality in ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, the Middle East, Asia, Greece and Rome.

Describe the historical events and Christian traditions that influence modern Western concepts of sexuality.

Describe those aspects of Victorianism that influence contemporary North American sexuality.

Summarize the impact of the second wave of feminism on contemporary North American sexuality.

Summarize the environmental and technical problems involved in conducting sexuality research.

Explain why people should understand the methods used to study human sexuality.

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of surveys, observation, experiments, correlational studies, and clinical studies.

List the major ethical principles that guide sexuality research, practice, and education and explain their purpose.

Define critical thinking and describe nine general guidelines for thinking critically about sexual information.