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Physical Science, 5/e
Bill Tillery, Arizona State University

Inside the Earth

Essay Quiz


Describe one theory of how the earth came to have a core composed mostly of iron. What evidence provides information about the nature of the earth's core?
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Briefly describe the internal composition and structure of the (a) core, (b) mantle, and (c) crust of the earth.
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What is the asthenosphere? Why is it important in modern understandings of the earth?
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Describe the parts of the earth included in the (a) lithosphere, (b) asthenosphere, (c) crust, and (d) mantle.
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What is continental drift? How is it different from plate tectonics?
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Rocks, sediments, and fossils around an oceanic ridge have a pattern concerning their ages. What is the pattern? Explain what the pattern means.
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Describe the origin of the magnetic strip patterns found in the rocks along an oceanic ridge.
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Explain why ancient rocks are not found on the seafloor.
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Describe the three major types of plate boundaries and what happens at each.
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What is an island arc? Where are they found? Explain why they are found at this location.
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Briefly describe a model that explains how the earth developed a layered internal structure.
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Briefly describe the theory of plate tectonics and how it accounts for the existence of certain geologic features.
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What is an oceanic trench? What is their relationship to major plate boundaries? Explain this relationship.
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Describe the probable source of all the earthquakes that occur in southern California.
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The northwestern coast of the United States has a string of volcanoes running along the coast. According to plate tectonics, what does this mean about this part of the North American Plate? What geologic feature would you expect to find on the seafloor off the northwestern coast? Explain.
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Explain how the crust of the earth is involved in a dynamic, ongoing recycling process.
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