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Exploring Physical Science
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Physical Science, 5/e
Bill Tillery, Arizona State University


Chapter 7 Outline

Electric Charge

  • Electron Theory of Charge

    • Electric Charge and Electrical Forces

    • Electrostatic Charge

    • Electrical Conductors and Insulators

  • Measuring Electrical Charges

  • Measuring Electrical Forces

  • Force Fields

  • Electric Potential

Electric Current

  • The Electric Circuit

  • The Nature of Current

  • Electrical Resistance

A Closer Look: Household Circuits and Safety

  • Electrical Power and Electrical Work


  • Magnetic Poles

  • Magnetic Fields

  • The Source of Magnetic Fields

    • Permanent Magnets

    • Earth's Magnetic Field

Electric Currents and Magnetism

  • Current Loops

A Closer Look: Electromagnetic Fields and Health

  • Applications of Electromagnets

    • Electric Meters

    • Electromagnetic Switches

    • Telephones and Loudspeakers

    • Electric Motors

Electromagnetic Induction

A Closer Look: The Home Computer and Data Storage

  • Generators

  • Transformers

A Closer Look: Solar Cells