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Nation of Nations A Concise Narrative of the American Republic Book Cover Image
Nation of Nations: A Concise Narrative of the American Republic, 3/e
James West Davidson, Historian
William E. Gienapp, Harvard University
Christine Leigh Heyrman, University of Delaware
Mark H. Lytle, Bard College
Michael B. Stoff, University of Texas, Austin

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Chapter 1: Old World, New Worlds (Prehistory-1600)
Chapter 2: The First Century of Settlement in the Colonial South (1600-1750)
Chapter 3: The First Century of Settlement in the Colonial North (1600-1700)
Chapter 4: The Mosaic of Eighteenth-Century America
Chapter 5: Toward the War for American Independence (1754-1776)
Chapter 6: The American People and the American Revolution (1775-1783)
Chapter 7: Crisis and Constitution (1776-1789)
Chapter 8: The Republic Launched (1789-1801)
Chapter 9: The Jeffersonian Republic (1801-1824)
Chapter 10: The Opening of America (1815-1850)
Chapter 11: The Rise of Democracy (1820-1840)
Chapter 12: The Fires of Perfection (1820-1850)
Chapter 13: The Old South (1820-1860)
Chapter 14: Western Expansion and the Rise of the Slavery Issue (1820-1850)
Chapter 15: The Union Broken (1850-1861)
Chapter 16: Total War and the Republic (1861-1865)
Chapter 17: Resconstructing the Union (1865-1877)
Chapter 18: The New South and the Trans-Mississippi West (1870-1896)
Chapter 19: The New Industrial Order (1870-1900)
Chapter 20: The Rise of an Urban Order (1870-1900)
Chapter 21: The Political System under Strain (1877-1900)
Chapter 22: The Progressive Era (1890-1920)
Chapter 23: The United States and the Old World Order (1901-1920)
Chapter 24: The New Era
Chapter 25: The Great Depression and the New Deal (1929-1939)
Chapter 26: America's Rise to Globalism (1927-1945)
Chapter 27: Cold War America (1945-1954)
Chapter 28: The Suburban Era (1945-1963)
Chapter 29: Civil Rights and the Crisis of Liberalism (1947-1969)
Chapter 30: The Vietnam Era (1963-1975)
Chapter 31: The Age of Limits (1965-1980)
Chapter 32: The Conservative Challenge (1980-1992)
Chapter 33: Nation of Nations in a Global Community (1980-2000)