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Understanding Psychology Book Cover Image
Understanding Psychology, 6/e
Robert S. Feldman, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Introduction to Psychology

Internet Exercises

Using the site below, you will be able to choose your birthday and find one or more important events in psychology that happened on that date in history. If no event appears for your birth date, then choose a date for a friend or relative's birthday. After you have chosen one of the events, answer the question: "Why do you suppose that event was significant to the field of psychology?" Click on the site to get started!

The American Psychological Association (APA) has a great deal of information for psychology students. Using the site below as a starting point for information gathering, what would be the advantage of earning a graduate degree in psychology over earning a bachelor's degree in psychology? (HINT: You should find the information you need in a section labeled "Students.")

Using the site below, answer these questions:
  • What is IACCP?
  • How much would it cost you to become a member of IACCP and order the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology?
  • Why do you suppose the membership rates vary by income?