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Sociology: A Brief Introduction, 4/e
Richard T. Schaefer, DePaul University

Understanding Sociology

Multiple Choice Quiz

In each of the following, select the phrase that best completes the statement.:


Which of the following is most closely associated with the concept of the sociological imagination?
A)Émile Durkheim
B)Max Weber
C)Karl Marx
D)C. Wright Mills

In his study of suicide, Émile Durkheim was primarily concerned with:
A)suicide rates and how they varied from country to country
B)personalities of individual suicide victims
C)means people used to take their own lives
D)effects of suicide on the families of victims

In Society in America, which early sociologist gave special attention to status distinctions and to such factors as gender and race?
A)Ém­ile Durkheim
B)Max Weber
C)Auguste Comte
D)Harriet Martineau

Which one of the following concepts did Max Weber introduce to the field of sociology?
B)ideal types

Robert Merton's contributions to sociology include:
A)successfully combining theory and research
B)an analysis of deviant behavior that focuses on societal goals and means
C)an attempt to bring macro- and micro-level analyses together
D)all of the above

Which sociological perspective views society as a network of connected parts, each of which contributes to the maintenance of the system as a whole?
A)functionalist perspective
B)conflict perspective
C)interactionist perspective
D)dramaturgical approach

A university that serves as a meeting ground for people seeking marital partners is performing:
A)a manifest function
B)a latent function
C)a dysfunction
D)a manifest dysfunction

Karl Marx's view of the struggle between social classes inspired the contemporary:
A)functionalist perspective
B)conflict perspective
C)interactionist perspective
D)dramaturgical approach

Which sociological perspective examines human activities on the micro level by focusing on how day-to-day social behavior is shaped by the distinctive norms, values, and demands of a particular society?
A)functionalist perspective
B)conflict perspective
C)interactionist perspective
D)psychological perspective

Erving Goffman made a distinctive contribution to sociology by popularizing a particular type of interactionist method known as:
B)the dramaturgical approach
D)"I'm O.K., you're O.K."

Which of the following was an early Black sociologist, active in the struggle for a racially egalitarian society, who was critical of theorists who seemed content with the status quo?
A)Harriet Martineau
B)Herbert Spencer
C)Booker T. Washington
D)W. E. B. Du Bois

Which of the following sociologists never wrote a book and about whose thoughts most of our knowledge is presented in an edited volume of his lectures published by his students after his death?
A)George Herbert Mead
B)Karl Marx
C)Ém­ile Durkheim
D)Max Weber

Which sociologist cofounded the famous Chicago settlement house, Hull House?
A)Charles Horton Cooley
B)Jane Addams
C)George Herbert Mead
D)C. Wright Mills

The Communist Manifesto was written by:
A)Karl Marx and Georg Hegel
B)George Herbert Mead and Jane Addams
C)Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx
D)Talcott Parsons and Robert Merton

Sociology is concerned with:
A)patterns of human behavior
B)the behavior of an individual
C)random human actions
D)all of the above