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Which of the following characteristics is not a property of life?
A)responding to stimuli
B)dividing in two
C)regulating internal conditions
D)All of these are characteristics that define life

The process of inductive reasoning
A)involves the observation of specific occurrences to construct a general principle.
B)involves taking a general principle and applying it to a specific situation.
C)is not used very often in the study of biology.
D)all of the above

A goal of a scientist is to formulate a hypothesis
A)that will never be proven false.
B)that is essentially a theory explaining an observation.
C)that is just a wild guess.
D)that will be tested by experimentation.

An experiment testing a hypothesis will
A)always support the hypothesis.
B)always disprove the hypothesis.
C)include a variable and a control.
D)not be successful if the hypothesis is rejected.

Darwin's proposal, that evolution occurs through natural selection caused controversy because
A)it challenged the existence of a Divine Creator.
B)it challenged the views of earlier philosophers.
C)it challenged a literal interpretation of the Bible.
D)the explanation wasn't based on any observations.

A key piece of information for Darwin's hypothesis that evolution occurs through natural selection was
A)the fossil evidence.
B)his work breeding of pigeons through artificial selection.
C)Malthus' proposal that death, due to limited food supply, restricts population size.
D)geographic distribution of similar animals with slight variations in physical characteristics.

Which of the following "new" areas of scientific study could Darwin have used to strengthen his hypothesis?
A)the age of the earth
B)the mechanism of inheritance
C)the expanded fossil record
D)the geographical distribution of animal species

What are homologous anatomical structures?
A)structures that look different but have the similar evolutionary origins
B)structures that have similar functions but different evolutionary origins
C)a bat's wing and a butterfly's wing
D)a bat's wing and a human's leg

The themes of biology include all of the following except:
B)cell biology.

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