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Multiple Choice Quiz
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In order to ensure he had pure-breeding plants for his experiments, Mendel
A)cross-fertilized each variety with each other.
B)let each variety self-fertilize for several generations.
C)removed the female parts of the plants.
D)removed the male parts of the plants.

When two parents are crossed, the offspring are referred to as the
C)F1 generation.
D)F2 generation.

A cross between two individuals results in a ratio of 9:3:3:1 for four possible phenotypes. This is an example of a
A)dihybrid cross.
B)monohybrid cross.
D)none of these.

Human height shows a continuous variation from the very short to the very tall. Height is most likely controlled by
A)epistatic genes.
B)environmental factors.
C)sex-linked genes.
D)multiple genes.

In the human ABO blood grouping, the four basic blood types are type A, type B, type AB, and type O. The blood proteins A and B are
A)simple dominant and recessive traits.
B)incomplete dominant traits.
C)codominant traits.
D)sex-linked traits.

Which of the following describes symptoms of sickle cell anemia?
A)poor blood circulation due to abnormal hemoglobin molecules
B)sterility in females
C)failure of blood to clot
D)failure of chloride ion transport mechanism

What finding finally determined that genes were carried on chromosomes?
A)heat sensitivity of certain enzymes that determined coat color
B)sex-linked eye color in fruit flies
C)the finding of complete dominance
D)establishing pedigrees

A genetic map can be used to determine
A)the relative position of alleles on chromosomes.
B)restriction sites on chromosomes.
C)the frequency of recombination between two genes.
D)all of these.

A Barr body is a(n)
A)result of primary nondisjunction.
B)inactivated Y chromosome.
C)gene that plays a key role in male development.
D)inactivated X chromosome.

Down syndrome in humans is due to
A)three copies of chromosome 21.
C)two Y chromosomes.
D)three X chromosomes.

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