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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Fifteen years ago, your parents hung a swing from the lower branch of a large tree growing in your yard. When you go and sit in it today, you realize it is exactly the same height off the ground as it was when you first sat in it 15 years ago. The reason the swing has not grown taller as the tree has grown is that
A)the tree trunk is showing secondary growth.
B)the tree trunk is part of the primary growth system of the plant, but elongation is no longer occurring in that part of the tree.
C)trees lack apical meristems and so do not get taller.
D)you are hallucinating, because it is impossible for the swing not to have gotten taller as the tree grew.

Cloning animals is a relatively new phenomenon, but cloning plants has been done for a long time. Which of the following plant cell types would be the least successful to clone a plant from?
A)a mature xylem vessel element
B)a mature stomatal guard cell
C)a quiescent center cell
D)All of these would work for cloning a plant.
E)None of these would work for cloning a plant.

If you were to relocate the pericycle of a plant root to the epidermal layer, how would it affect root growth?
A)Secondary growth in the mature region of the root would not occur.
B)The root apical meristem would produce vascular tissue in place of dermal tissue.
C)Nothing would change, because the pericycle is normally located near the epidermal layer of the root.
D)Lateral roots would grow from the outer region of the root and fail to connect with the vascular tissue.

In a variation on the old "guess your weight" game, you are playing "guess how big this structure will get" at the yearly carnival. There are a number of bizarre plant structures to choose from, but having read this textbook, you are confident of certain victory. Which of the following plant structures would you choose so that you could accurately predict the final size?
A)an oak shoot
B)a lotus flower
C)a bamboo root
D)the root of a tomato plant

When you peel your Irish potatoes for dinner, you are removing the majority of their
A)dermal tissue.
B)vascular tissue.
C)ground tissue.
D)Only a and b are removed with the peel.
E)All of these are removed with the peel.

You can determine the age of an oak tree by counting the annual rings of _______________ formed by the __________________.
A)primary xylem/apical meristem
B)secondary phloem/vascular cambium
C)dermal tissue/cork cambium
D)secondary xylem/vascular cambium

Which of the following does not arise from meristematic activity in a plant?
A)secondary xylem
B)boarder cells
E)All of these arise from activity of plant meristems.

Mosses are thought to resemble the primitive plants that first inhabited the land. Interestingly, these plants lack a vascular system. Therefore they should lack
A)mesophyll cells.

Plant organs form by
A)cell division in gamete tissue.
B)cell division in meristematic tissue.
C)cell migration into the appropriate position in the tissue.
D)rearranging the genetic material in the precursor cells so that the organ-specific genes are activated.

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