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Multiple Choice Quiz
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If you could connect and active xylem vessel from a shoot to an active phloem sieve-tube member from a leaf using a "micropipe," which way would the solution flow between the two?
A)The solution would flow from xylem to phloem.
B)The solution would flow from phloem to xylem.
C)The solution would flow back and forth from one to another.
D)The solution would not flow between the two.

If you could override the control mechanisms that open stomata and force them to remain closed, what would you expect to happen to the plant?
A)Sugar synthesis would likely slow down.
B)Water transport would likely slow down.
C)All of these could be the result of keeping stomata closed.
D)None of these would be the result of keeping stomata closed.

If a cell with a solute potential of - 0.2 MPa and a pressure potential of 0.4 MPa is placed in a chamber filled with pure water that is pressurized with 0.5 MPa, what will happen?
A)Water will flow out of the cell.
B)Water will flow into the cell.
C)The cell will be crushed.
D)The cell will explode.

You are a molecule of water traveling through the plant. Which of the following processes would not provide a driving force for you to move at either a cellular level or over longer distances through the plant?
A)mass flow
E)All the above are driving forces for water movement.

The movement of water in the xylem relies upon the
A)ability of water molecules to hydrogen-bond with each other.
B)active transport.
C)evaporation of water from the leaf surface.
D)Both a and b are correct.
E)Both a and c are correct.

You place a piece of potato weighing 0.3 gram with a water potential of 1 MPa in a beaker of Pepsi. After 10 minutes, you remove the potato piece, and it now weighs 0.25 gram. You conclude that
A)Pepsi Cola has a water potential greater than 1 MPa.
B)Pepsi Cola has a water potential of 0 MPa.
C)Pepsi Cola has a water potential less than 1 MPa.
D)Pepsi Cola does not have turgor pressure, and so you cannot conclude anything about its water potential.

Sucrose enters a phloem sieve-tube cell because of
B)water potential.
C)active transport.
D)a process regulated by auxin.

Blowing water up through a drinking straw is most like
C)mass flow in xylem.
D)mass flow in phloem.

If you wanted to force stomata to open, which of the following would work?
A)Treat the plant with abscisic acid.
B)Stimulate water movement into the guard cells.
C)Stimulate water movement out of the guard cells.
D)Force the dermal cells around the stomata to dehydrate, thereby pulling the guard cells apart.

The Casparian strip is analogous to
A)caulking to waterproof a seam in the bathtub.
B)axle grease to lubricate a wheel.
C)a condom to prevent fertilization.
D)masking tape to hold things together.

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