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Hughes: Leadership, 4e
Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience, 4/e
Richard L Hughes, Center for Creative Leadership
Robert C Ginnett, Center for Creative Leadership
Gordon J Curphy, The Blandin Foundation

Leadership Involves an Interaction between the Leader, the Followers, and the Situation

Chapter 2 Summary

Leadership is a process in which leaders and followers interact dynamically in a particular situation or environment. Leadership is a broader concept than that of leaders, and the study of leadership must involve more than just the study of leaders as individuals. The study of leadership must also include two other areas: the followers and the situation. In addition, the interactive nature of these three domains has become increasingly important in recent years and can help us to better understand the changing nature of leader-follower relationships and the increasingly greater complexity of situations leaders and followers face. Because of this complexity, now, more than ever before, effective leadership cannot be boiled down to a simple and constant recipe. It is still true, however, that good leadership makes a difference, and it can be enhanced through greater awareness of the important factors influencing the leadership process.