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Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design, 2/e
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Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Design Concepts
    Chapter 2 Introduction to Logic Circuits
    Chapter 3 Implementation Technology
    Chapter 4 Optimized Implementation of Logic Functions
    Chapter 5 Number Representation and Arithmetic Circuits
    Chapter 6 Combinational-Circuit Building Blocks
    Chapter 7 Flip-Flops, Registers,Counters, and a Simple Processor
    Chapter 8 Synchronous Sequential Circuits
    Chapter 9 Asynchronous Sequential Circuits
    Chapter 10 Digital System Design
    Chapter 11 Testing of Logic Circuits
    Chapter 12 Computer Aided Design Tools
    Appendix A Verilog Reference
    Appendix B Tutorial 1—Using Quartus II CAD Software
    Appendix C Tutorial 2—Implementing Circuits in Altera Devices
    Appendix D Tutorial 3—Physical Implementation in a PLD
    Appendix E Commercial Devices