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Data Reduction and Error Analysis for the Physical Sciences, 3/e
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Downloading Programs

The C++ and Fortran files are compressed, requiring your computer to have the WinZip program to open them. Click here if you need to download this program.

If convenient, you should unzip the C++ file (cpp) to a directory c:\cpp, and/or the Fortran file (f) to a directory c:\f. If you store the files in other directories, it will be necessary to change the references to "include" files and data files in the programs.

Compressing and decompressing the programs changes the names of the subdirectories. Therefore, before running the programs you must, for each platform, rename all 11 subdirectories so that they are consistent with the file name references in the programs. For example, names of the form "Chapt05" must be changed to the form "Chapt-5", "Chapt10" becomes "Chapt-10", and "Append_A" becomes "Append-A."

The ReadMe files include further comments and lists of the routines in each of these directories. They are formatted for Wordpad.