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The American Tradition in Literature, Volume 2 Book Cover
The American Tradition in Literature, Volume 2, 10/e
George Perkins, Eastern Michigan University
Barbara Perkins, University of Toledo-Toledo

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Anne Bradstreet:
Benjamin Franklin:
Phillis Wheatley:
Olaudah Equiano:
Edgar Allan Poe:
Nathaniel Hawthorne:
Herman Melville:
Henry David Thoreau:
Frederick Douglass:
Walt Whitman:
Mark Twain:
Emily Dickinson:
Kate Chopin:
Charlotte Perkins Gillman:
Robert Frost:
Ralph Waldo Emerson:
Eugene O'Neil:
T.S. Elliot:
Willa Cather:
E.E. Cummings:
Jean Toomer:
Langston Hughes:
William Faulkner:
James Baldwin:
Tennessee Williams:
Anne Sexton:
Ernest Hemingway:
John Cheever:
Gwendolyn Brooks:
Toni Morrison:
Ezra Pound: