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Children 7/e Book Cover
Children, 7/e
John W. Santrock, University of Texas, Dallas


Essay Quiz


One of your friends has recently gotten married and has now confided in you that she is pregnant. She knows you’re taking this class in child development and asks for your input concerning what she can expect when giving birth. She also wants your suggestions concerning her childbirth options. What would you tell her about the three stages of birth, complications she might expect, options about the use of drugs and settings for childbirth, and the childbirth strategies that are available to her?

A younger friend of yours someone you think of as a younger sister has told you she wants to have a baby because she wants to have someone to love who will love her back. When you look at this young friend you think that she is not yet prepared to take on the responsibilities of parenting, even with the help of her boyfriend (both of whom are still in high school). You know that she respects you and your opinions, and she knows you are taking this class in child development. What can you tell her about the changes/adjustments she will have to make in her life once the baby comes? What should you tell her about postpartum depression? How will having a baby affect her education (should she or her boyfriend stay home with the baby, and if so, for how long)? What will she need to know about bonding with her baby? Are there cultural factors that might be relevant to your friend's decision and how you will discuss these issues with her? (You might also want to talk to her about the risk factors presented in Chapter 4 with regard to maternal age.)