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Children 7/e Book Cover
Children, 7/e
John W. Santrock, University of Texas, Dallas


Taking it to the Net


Samara and Aaron are having their first baby. Samara's mother insists that she have her baby in the hospital; on the other hand, several of Samara's friends have suggested she look into having her baby at a birthing center. What services do these facilities offer? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Carmen, who is six months pregnant, has suffered periods of major depression throughout her adult life. Both her doctor and her obstetrician have voiced concern about the risk of depression after Carmen gives birth. What are the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression? What factors are likely to place a woman at higher risk of suffering from this disorder?

Colleen's baby was born eight weeks prematurely. The infant was born addicted to cocaine. Her baby has received extensive intervention since birth, although Colleen is very worried about the possible developmental ramifications of prematurity and cocaine addiction. Are premature infants at risk of physical and/or psychological problems later in life? Are there any interventions that might reduce developmental risks?