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Children 7/e Book Cover
Children, 7/e
John W. Santrock, University of Texas, Dallas


Web Links (Referenced in Text Margins)

Birth Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

Read about a number of mailing lists and news groups that focus on birth, including midwifery, doula, and nursing homes.
Newborn Care

Includes information about caring for many different aspects of the newborn's life, such as when a newborn gets sick, sleep, vaccinations, feeding, and other topics.
Preparing for Birth

Advice for pregnant women about preparing for the birth of their baby.
Childbirth Setting and Attendants

Provides information about such topics as birth centers, homebirth, midwives, medical technology and others.

Links to information about a wide range of midwifery topics.

Explore what doula is, where it can be located, research statistics about using doulas, and related topics.
Labor Induction

Read about various issues involving labor induction, such as breaking the water, artificial oxytocin induction, and other induction topics.
Childbirth Strategies

Labor and Birth Resources

What to expect regarding labor, how to tell if it is the real thing, timing contractions, pain relief in labor, labor complications, and other related ideas are examined.
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Learn more about what Lamaze involves, what is taught in a Lamaze class, and links to other sites with information about Lamaze.
Cesarean Childbirth

Study what cesarean childbirth involves, why cesarean rates have increased, benefits of this approach, risks of this approach, and psychological effects.
Fathers and Childbirth

A father's comments about childbirth, fathers and postpartum depression, diaper changing, "pregnant" fathers, and what it means to be a father are examined.
Siblings and Childbirth

Read about birth order, children at birth, introducing a new baby to the family, preparing a toddler for the birth of a baby, and sibling rivalry.
Exploring Low Birth Weight Issues

This entire issue of The Future of Children was devoted to low birthweight. You can read all of the articles on line at this site, including analysis and recommendations, costs, preventing low birthweight, neonatal intensive care, and many more related topics.
Touch Research Institute

Find out more about the benefits of massage therapy with high-risk infants. Touchpoints, a quarterly newsletter published by the Touch Research Institute, can be read on this web site.
Postpartum Adjustment

Covers emotions and depression, exercise, physical recovery, and many other aspects of postpartum adjustment.
Mother's, Father's, and Newborns

Postpartum Resources

Read about what life is like for parents after the baby is born, coping with fatigue, emotions, exercise, support, and other postpartum topics.