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Career Opportunities
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It is a fact: learning a second language will make you a more marketable commodity upon your graduation from college. To demonstrate the power of second language acquisition, McGraw-Hill features career profiles of real people who majored in a world language. These exciting careers range from a Spanish teacher to an international marketer of table grapes. We will add new career profiles to this site periodically. Check back throughout the course of a semester as you further develop your own language skills.

Here is a website that can help you find language education resources:

Also, as you begin to consider career options, it is certainly worth accessing the WWW.
Many sites offer tips on preparing resumes and even allow you to apply for jobs on-line. We have listed a host of URLs for you to visit as you work towards your own professional career goals.

Good luck!

Meet the following people whose second language studies have been instrumental in their career!

Julie Crane-Ciruli

Michael O'Neill

Krystina Peraita

DestinosOnline Learning Center

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