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Kottak: Cultural Anthropology 9e
Cultural Anthropology, 9/e
Conrad P. Kottak, University of Michigan

Career Opportunities

Applied Anthropology

This applied anthropology Q&A addresses such concerns as undergrad preparation, job opportunities and working conditions.
Careers in Anthropology

This site lists dozens of careers a young anthropologist could pursue, and includes a separate list of the necessary skills.
Careers in Archaeology

This archaeological FAQ tells students what they can do now to get ready for a successful career in archaeology.
Careers in Forensic Anthropology

This website provides detailed advice and explanations about the career of a forensic anthropologist.
Career Resources in Anthropology

Teeming with information and resources, this is a quality-if very wordy-site for students who want to know more about anthropology careers in general. The organizations listed are all local to NKU (Northern Kentucky University).
Student Guide to Becoming a Primatologist

This is a very thorough student guide to becoming a primatologist.
Careers in Physical Anthropology

Students interested in a non-academic career in physical anthropology can investigate some of their options here.
Finding a Job in Anthropology

Summer Job in Archaeology

If you want a summer job on an archaeological dig, students can find a sample cover letter and more from a Brown University professor.
Guide to Start a Forensic Anthropology Career

This website contains a wonderful A to Z guide for students who desire a forensic anthropology career.
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunites

This site posts archaeological fieldwork opportunities from around the globe.
Primatology Jobs

Primatology jobs at all levels are posted here.
Princeton Review

Princeton Review gives a "day in the life" snapshot of what it's like to be an anthropologist.
The Nation Association of Student Anthroplogists

The National Association of Student Anthropologists addresses the concerns of students and encourages them to get involved as young anthropologists.
Forensic Anthropology Graduate Program

This is a good guide to getting into a forensic anthropology graduate program.