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Chemistry, 8/e

Raymond Chang, Williams College

ISBN: 0072512644
Copyright year: 2005

Instructor Resources

Annotated Instructor’s Edition
By Brandon Cruickshank (Northern Arizona University) and Raymond Chang. The Annotated Instructor’s Edition includes all resources available to the instructor marked by icons located in the margins of the text. Information is provided on the integration of media (animations, interactives, Online Learning Center) and instructions on where the instructor will find the various media. The difficulty level of the end-of-chapter problems and the various chemical disciplines that the problems are related to is marked. Information on quality demonstration videos, tips for the instructor, and the icons marking the digital assets available on the Digital Content Manager are provided.

Instructor’s Testing and Resource CD-ROM
Written by John Adams (University of Missouri). This manual contains over 2,000 multiple choice and short-answer questions. The questions, which are graded in difficulty, are comparable to the problems in the text and include multi-step problems that require conceptual analysis. The Test Bank also includes over 200 algorithmic-based questions that instructors can edit to create their own test templates. The Test Bank is formatted for easy integration into the following course management systems: PageOut, WebCT, and Blackboard. The CD also contains the electronic file or the Instructor’s Resource Manual with Solutions.

Online Learning Center
This comprehensive, book-specific website ( offers excellent tools for both the instructor and the student. Instructors can create an interactive course with the integration of this site, and a secured Instructor Center stores your essential course materials to save you prep time before class. This center offers PowerPoint images, a PowerPoint lecture outline, Chang animations, chemistry interactives, and more.

Instructor’s Resource Manual with Solutions
By Brandon J. Cruickshank (Northern Arizona University) and Raymond Chang. This complete manual for teaching a general chemistry course is based on Chemistry and contains a brief summary of the contents of each chapter, along with learning goals and references to background concepts in earlier chapters. Following this material is a complete listing of the more challenging problems in the chapter and the problems that are worked out in detail in the Student Solution Manual. The solutions to all of the end-of-chapter problems are then given, including those that are in the Solutions Manual. Finally, this resource contains discussion questions and tips, information on relevant applications, and references to other elements of the text package.

Overhead Transparencies
Approximately 250 full-color text illustrations are reproduced on acetate for overhead projection.

Chang Animations
By Brandon Cruickshank (Northern Arizona University). Eleven new animations have been added to the current twenty-eight animations. The animations are interactive and specifically support content and concepts in Chemistry. The interactive summary and icons in the text show which concepts are animated. Animations can be used by both instructor and student on the Online Learning Center and are available on the Chemistry Animations Library for use in lecture and PowerPoint presentations.

NEW for this edition are 7 interactives that will be available on the Online Learning Center allowing manipulation of variables for specific chemical concepts including stoichiometry, gas laws, kinetics, equilibrium and acid/base. The interactives will also be available on the Chemistry Animations Library allowing you to use them in your classroom to meet your needs.

Chemistry Animations Library
This instructor’s CD-ROM enables you to use animations in your classroom in the way that works best for you. This multi-CD set includes over 300 animations that can be played directly from the CD or can be imported easily into your own lecture presentation. The animation library is fully searchable, and many animations are included at full-screen size.

Active Art
By Eric Johnson (Ball State University). New for this Edition is Active Art, which presents key art pieces as a series of PowerPoint slides that illustrate difficult concepts in a step-by-step manner. Artwork is broken into small, digestible frames, allowing the instructor to bring each piece into lecture in whatever sequence or format is desired. The figures can be customized in almost any way imaginable. Because every Active Art image is completely ungroupable, any part of an Active Art slide can be used as a “chemical clipart” in any other PowerPoint presentation, or as a component in your own rendition of a figure.

TextEdit Art
TextEdit Art allows an instructor to revise or delete labels on a figure as desired within PowerPoint for creating customized presentations or for use in tests. Labels can be moved, deleted or revised; the leader lines can be moved or deleted separate from the image and labels; and images can be stretched or enlarged.

PowerPoint Lecture Presentation
By J. David Robertson (University of Missouri). Instructors who adopt Chemistry will find that this presentation not only saves time but also enables them to create a visually stunning lecture presentation. The web-based PowerPoint lecture includes notes for the entire course, visuals from the eighth edition, and animations embedded at the appropriate points in the program. Use this complete lecture outline, or revise the lecture to fit your own course.

Digital Content Library CD-ROM
This multimedia collection of visual resources allows instructors to utilize artwork from the text in multiple formats to create customized classroom presentations, visually based tests and quizzes, dynamic course website content, or attractive printed support material. The digital assets on this cross-platform CD-ROM are grouped by chapter within easy-to-use folders. Available are all figures, tables, many photographs, Active art, and the PowerPoint lecture presentation.

Course Management Systems
The Test Bank questions and end-of-chapter problems are available in WebCT, Blackboard and PageOut. Ask your sales representative how to receive material in the system of your choice.

Course Specific PageOut
Designed specifically to help you with your individual course needs, PageOut will assist you in integrating your syllabus with Chemistry, and state-of-the-art new media tools. At the heart of PageOut you will find integrated multimedia and a full-scale Online Learning Center. You can upload your original test questions and create your own custom designs. More than 60,000 professors have chosen PageOut to create customized course websites.

Primis LabBase
By Joseph Lagowski (the University of Texas of Austin). More than 40 general chemistry experiments are available in this database collection of general lab experiments from the Journal of Chemical Education and experiments used by Professor Lagowski at the University of Texas at Austin, enabling instructors to customize their lab manuals.

General Chemistry Laboratory Manual
By Petra A.M. van Koppen (University of California, Santa Barbara). This is the definitive lab manual for the two-semester General Chemistry course. The manual contains 21 experiments that cover the most commonly assigned experiments for the introductory chemistry course.

Cooperative Chemistry Laboratory Manual
By Melanie Cooper (Clemson University). This innovative guide features open-ended problems designed to simulate experience in a research lab. Working in groups, students investigate one problem over a period of several weeks, so that they might complete three or four projects during the semester, rather than one pre-programmed experiment per class. The emphasis here is on experimental design, analysis problem solving, and communication.

To obtain an instructor login for this Online Learning Center, ask your local sales representative. If you're an instructor thinking about adopting this textbook, request a free copy for review.