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History and the Internet: A Guide
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History and the Internet: A Guide

Patrick D. Reagan


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The Internet permeates contemporary American life, creating enormous possibilities for innovative use in history classrooms and student projects. This concise guide focuses on practical ways that students and teachers can utilize the growing body of library and archival catalogs, primary sources, web sites, images, and sounds to complement and enhance traditional ways of learning, teaching, and researching the human past. Available either as a separate work or packaged with textbooks in United States, Western Civilization, World History, and upper division history courses, this guide will help students to learn how to use e-mail, surf the Internet for quality history sites, employ search engines effectively, create online student projects, and explore the emerging world of multimedia history. Helpful for instructors who wish to learn how to use scholarly networks, professional web sites, and evaluate reliable web resources to bring new dimensions to the craft of understanding the past. An extensive appendix provides links to the best history-related sites on the Internet by time period and subject as well as resources for scholars and samples of innovative CD-ROM projects in history.

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