Methods In Behavioral Research
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Methods In Behavioral Research, 8/e

Paul C. Cozby, Cal State Fullerton & Northcentral University

ISBN: 0072523425
Copyright year: 2004

Feature Summary

  • Clear writing and examples. The eighth edition retains the core strengths of direct, clear writing and interesting, illustrative examples. Challenging concepts and complex research design issues come to live through carefully chosen examples of basic, applied, and program evaluation research.
  • Decision-making emphasis. Advantages and disadvantages of research methods and design are discussed in detail throughout the text. This continual, thought-provoking reinforcement helps students understand each step of the research process and helps them become better consumers of research.
  • Making sense of research. The text emphasizes understanding research. Reviewers consistently praise the text for the diversity and quality of examples that help students conceptualize and critique research and research design effectively.
  • Strong Pedagogy. Questions at the end of each chapter provide direct, practical activities for students that help them understand research by applying the information in the chapter. Other practical and proven features include: end of chapter key terms list, chapter outlines, a general glossary, Appendix A on writing research reports with a sample published manuscript, and statistical tests an tables appendixes.
  • Provides objective evaluation of the strengths and limitations of a range of empirical techniques.
Cozby Methods In Behavioral Research 8e Book Cover

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