Methods In Behavioral Research
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Methods In Behavioral Research, 8/e

Paul C. Cozby, Cal State Fullerton & Northcentral University

ISBN: 0072523425
Copyright year: 2004

Table of Contents

  1. Scientific Understanding of Behavior
  2. Where to Start
  3. Ethical Research
  4. Studying Behavior
  5. Measurement Concepts
  6. Observing Behavior
  7. Asking People About Themselves: Survey Research
  8. Experimental Design
  9. Conducting Experiments
  10. Complex Experimental Designs
  11. Quasi-Experimental and Single-Participant Designs
  12. Understanding Research Results: Description and Correlation
  13. Understanding Research Results: Statistical Inference
  14. Generalizing Results

    Appendix A: Writing Research Reports
    Appendix B: Statistical Tests
    Appendix C: Statistical Tables
    Appendix D: Constructing a Latin Square

Cozby Methods In Behavioral Research 8e Book Cover

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