Methods In Behavioral Research
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Methods In Behavioral Research, 8/e

Paul C. Cozby, Cal State Fullerton & Northcentral University

ISBN: 0072523425
Copyright year: 2004

What's New

  • Appendix on writing research reports is based on the new fifth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. A new example research paper is included as well.
  • The ethics chapter’s organization conforms more closely to ethical issues as defined by Institutional Review Boards. Information on the Belmont Report and important cases such as the Tuskegee study is included. The 2002 APA Ethics Code is included as well.
  • Literature search material is expanded to include information on Web-based searching and sources other than PsycINFO.
  • Expanded test item pool available on the Instructor’s CD ROM, the Computerized Test Bank, or on the Web.
  • Free Online Learning Center with additional resources for students and instructors including a study guide, research links, and the first-ever available on-line anthology of articles about doing research.
Cozby Methods In Behavioral Research 8e Book Cover

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