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Digital Principles and Design
Donald D. Givone, University at Buffalo SUNY

Welcome to the website for Digital Principles and Design, (c) 2003, ISBN 0-07-255132-1. This exciting first edition provides more depth than existing digital design books, using a traditional approach to the subject. The book contains introductory material in digital principles with emphasis on logic design, as well as more advanced material. With the exception of the digital circuits appendix, it assumes no background on the part of the reader. The text can be used by readers in computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering.

Every book contains a CD-ROM with Altera’s advanced MAX+plus II 10.1 Student Edition CAD system, as well as Multisim 2001 Textbook Edition from Electronics Workbench. An appendix and the book website provide additional resources on these software tools, as well as LogicWorks.

We encourage you to explore this site for helpful resources for instructors and students. If you click on the Information Center link on the left, you will find links to the following: Feature Summary, About the Author Table of Contents, Preface, PageOut, and McGraw-Hill EngineeringCS.Com. Students should be sure to click on the Student Resources link to access an Altera tutorial; Altera, Multisim and LogicWorks circuits; and a list of Web Links.

The site also contains essential material for the Instructor. Click on the Instructor Resources link to find: the Solutions Manual and PowerPoint slides for each chapter of the book, a set of LogicWorks homeworks with solutions. If you are an instructor who has adopted the text and are interested in accessing these resources, please contact your Sales Rep. for the User ID and Password.Click Here