Intro to the Worlds Oceans
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An Introduction to the World's Oceans, 8/e

Keith Sverdrup, University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee
Alyn Duxbury, University of Washington
Alison Duxbury, Seattle Community College

ISBN: 0072528079
Copyright year: 2005

Table of Contents

Chapter 1     The History of Oceanography

Chapter 2     The Water Planet

Chapter 3     Plate Tectonics

Chapter 4     The Sea Floor and Its Sediments

Chapter 5     The Physical Properties of Water

Chapter 6     The Chemistry of Seawater

Chapter 7      The Structure and Motion of the Atmosphere

Chapter 8     Circulation and Ocean Structure

Chapter 9     The Currents

Chapter 10     The Waves

Chapter 11     The Tides

Chapter 12     Coasts, Beaches, and Estuaries

Chapter 13     Environmental Issues and Concerns

Chapter 14     The Living Ocean

Chapter 15     Production and Life

Chapter 16     The Plankton: Drifters of the Open Ocean

Chapter 17     The Nekton: Free Swimmers of the Sea

Chapter 18     The Benthos: Dwellers of the Sea Floor

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