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An Introduction to the World's Oceans, 8/e

Keith Sverdrup, University of Wisconsin -- Milwaukee
Alyn Duxbury, University of Washington
Alison Duxbury, Seattle Community College

ISBN: 0072528079
Copyright year: 2005

What's New

Changes to the Eighth Edition

In addition to revisions and updates based on current research, this edition contains several new guest essays or "Field Notes." Chapter 1 contains a new guest essay written by Dr. Marcia McNutt and Captain Ian Young on the roles of the chief scientist and ship's captain in planning and executing a successful oceanographic expedition. In Chapter 2 we have included a discussion of the possible existence of extraterrestrial oceans in our solar system. Chapter 3 includes a Field Notes box on Project Neptune on the Juan de Fuca plate. Chapter 3's discussion of plate tectonics, especially convergent plate boundaries, has been completely revised and updated, with new figures added. Giant Hawaiian landslides are now discussed in Chapter 4's Field Notes box. In Chapter 5 the description of the interaction of light and seawater has been extensively revised, and the attenuation of light with depth is discussed in greater detail. Chapter 6 includes a new description of the different units, including moles/liter, used in expressing the concentration of dissolved constituents in seawater. Chapter 7 contains an updated and significantly revised discussion of ENSO. Chapter 8 includes an updated discussion of oceanic internal structure and circulation. It also covers topics in upwelling and downwelling, the layering of the oceans, and updated material on sampling methods and measurement techniques. The Arctic Ocean Studies box includes new information on circulation and changing ice cover. Chapter 9 has been re-titled The Surface Currents; new information has been added to the sections on geostrophic flow and modeling of ocean currents. Chapter 10's discussion of wave energy has been rewritten to increase clarity. Chapter 11's discussion of Energy from Tides has been updated and rewritten to include new British and Norwegian sea-floor power plants. Also, all tide and current tables have been updated. An updated and expanded discussion of oil spills is found in Chapter 13, including the wreck of the Prestige and the disposal of municipal solid waste. Chapter 14 contains new information on marine biodiversity projects. Chapter 15 includes new tables on World Ocean Production and Ocean Food Production. Chapter 16's Field Notes box describes Pico-Plankton, and the chapter hosts a new section on vents and their microbial communities along the Juan de Fuca Ridge. The krill section has been rewritten and information on a jellyfish fishery off the Atlantic coast has been added. Difficulties in research on Pfiesteria are also discussed. Chapter 17 has a Field Notes box on biofouling, updated material on whaling, manatee and dugong populations, and new information on ground fisheries and fish farming. Chapter 18 presents new data on fisheries and mariculture, a new section on deepwater corals, and coral reef updates.

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