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El ensayo como género literario
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Task 1. Scan for Information. Scan the first paragraph of the introduction, on page 362 of the text, for answers to the following questions.

According to the authors, what role does literature in general play in the human existence?
What specific role does the essay fulfill?
List three specific examples of "essays" that you see in your daily life.

Task 2. Differentiate.

Scan the second paragraph on page 362 for the fundamental way in which the essay differs from the narrative, poetry, and drama.
What key word could you use to pinpoint the difference?

Task 3. Paraphrase.

In the third paragraph on page 362, the authors state that, within the genre, there are two general kinds of essays. Read and then paraphrase the definitions the authors present.

Task 4. Brainstorm.

Brainstorm about the possible characteristics of each kind of essay you defined in Task 3. If you already have explored the other literary genres, activate what you know about them in order to trigger your brainstorm.

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