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Abnormal Psychology Image Gallery
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The Vulnerability-Stress Model of the Development of Disorders (28.0K)
Feedback Loops between Biological, Social, and Psychological Factors (19.0K)
Three Concentric Layers of the Human Brain (37.0K)
The Human Brain (27.0K)
Neurotransmitters and the Synapse (27.0K)
Degrees of Genetic Relationship (37.0K)
Stages of Development of Self-Concept (23.0K)
Abraham Maslows Hierarchy of Needs (25.0K)
Eriksons Stages of Psychosocial Development (30.0K)
A Social Structural Model of Mental Health (31.0K)
A Positive Correlation (19.0K)
A Negative Correlation (19.0K)
A Zero Correlation (17.0K)
A Moderate Correlation (24.0K)
Timing Problem in Cross-Sectional Design (35.0K)
Scales to Measure Depression, Embedded in Other Scales (31.0K)
If the entire population took an IQ test... (21.0K)
Each syndrome is made up of a set of symptoms... (21.0K)
Sources of Mental Health Care for People with Mental Disorders (29.0K)
Percent of People Who Reported that Treatment Made Things a Lot Better (28.0K)
Fight-or-Flight Response (57.0K)
Increased 5-HT in the periaqueductal gray restrains paniclike responses... (27.0K)
The Kindling Model of Panic Disorder (13.0K)
Panic Attacks of Patients and Controls (34.0K)
The Vulnerability-Stress Model of Panic Disorder (33.0K)
A Panic Thoughts Diary (28.0K)
The Behavioral Account of Little Alberts Phobia (30.0K)
How Agoraphobic Behaviors Develop in Panic Disorder (29.0K)
Posttraumatic Symptoms in Rape (31.0K)
Rates of PTSD in Vietnam Veterans (25.0K)
Age Differences in Depression (27.0K)
Percent of Adolescents with DSM-IV depression diagnosis by Pubertal Status (29.0K)
Mood disorders in the Biological and Adoptive Relatives of Adoptees with Mood Disorders (29.0K)
The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (32.0K)
Lewinsohns Behavioral Theory of Depression (25.0K)
Ethnic Differences in Major Depression (26.0K)
An Automatic Thoughts Record used in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (39.0K)
Effects of Antidepressants and IPT in Preventing Relapse of Depression (25.0K)
Whites have higher rates of suicide than African Americans and males have higher rates than females (22.0K)
Increases in Suicide Among Younger Adults Over Recent Decades (28.0K)
Distribution of People with Schizophrenia (24.0K)
The Brain and Schizophrenia (40.0K)
Cultural Differences in the Prevalence of Expressed Emotion in Families of Schizophrenics (33.0K)
Effects of Home-Based Treatment on Need for Institutional Care (26.0K)
Effects of Home-Based Treatment on Employment (31.0K)
In the conversion symptom called glove anesthesia... (31.0K)
The Interpersonal Circumplex Model of Personality (25.0K)
Personality Disorders on the Interpersonal Circumplex (23.0K)
The developmental model suggest several biological and environmental factors come together to create behavioral disorders... (53.0K)
Feedback between Cognitions, Behaviors, and Others Responses in Conduct Disorder (26.0K)
Effects of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Separation Anxiety Disorder (32.0K)
Our Growing Dissatisfaction with Our Bodies (28.0K)
Our Changing Beauty Standards (33.0K)
The Male Sexual Response Cycle (41.0K)
The Female Sexual Response Cycle (40.0K)
Percent of People Who Have Had a Sexual Difficulty in the Last Year (25.0K)
Vaginismus (35.0K)
This model shows how anxiety and cognitive interference can produce erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. (27.0K)
Use of Illegal Substances in a 12-Month Period in the United States (23.0K)
Cumulative Probability of Substance Dependence Among People Who Have Used Substances in Four Generations (29.0K)
Percentage of the U.S. Population Reporting Four or More Drinks on a Single Day in Past 30 Days (35.0K)
Male-to-Female Ratios for People Who Drink Heavily or Are Alcoholics, Across Cultures (27.0K)
The Mesolimbic Dopamine System (34.0K)
Three Models for the Effects of Psychological Factors on Disease (29.0K)
The General Adaptation Syndrome (25.0K)
The Effects of Controllable and Uncontrollable Shock on Rats Immune Systems (23.0K)
The Development of Colds in People with High Stress and Low Stress in Their Lives (22.0K)
Pathways by Which Pessimism Might Impair Health (21.0K)
Pathways by Which Hostility and the Type A Behavior Pattern May Contribute to Coronary Heart Disease (33.0K)
Infectious Diseases as a Function of Concealing Ones Sexual Orientation (23.0K)
Students Health After Writing About Traumas or Trivialities (25.0K)
The Leading Causes of Dementia (21.0K)
Brain Regions Most Affected in Dementia (45.0K)
The Mini-Mental State Examination (47.0K)
Likelihood of Violence (24.0K)

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