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Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behavior, 2/e

Michael W. Passer, University of Washington
Ronald E. Smith, University of Washington

ISBN: 0072563303
Copyright year: 2004

This textbook reflects Michael Passer and Ron Smith’s experiences as faculty who have taught the introductory psychology course several dozen times. As undergraduates, both author’s interest in becoming a psychology major was sparked by instructors who brought the introductory course to life. Four goals have remained with the authors ever since and influence their writing of this text:

  • To show students that the world of behavior is fascinating;
  • To help students think critically and analytically about behavior, and to dispel common myths;
  • To convey the intellectual excitement of studying behavior with scientific rigor;
  • To apply knowledge obtained from scientific inquiry to real-world problems


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Passer Psychology 2e Book Cover

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