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Sociological Theory, 6/e
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Contemporary Theories of Modernity
Sociological Theory

Chapter 16 Chapter Outline

  1. Classical Theorists on Modernity
  2. The Juggernaut of Modernity
    1. Biographical Sketch: Anthony Giddens
    2. Modernity and its Consequences
    3. Modernity and Identity
    4. Modernity and Intimacy
  3. The Risk Society
    1. Creating the Risks
    2. Coping with Risks
  4. McDonaldization and the New Means of Consumption
    1. McDonaldization
    2. The New Means of Consumption
      1. Efficiency
      2. Calculability
      3. Predictability
      4. Control through Nonhuman Rather than Human Technology
  5. Modernity and the Holocaust
    1. A Product of Modernity
    2. The Role of Bureaucracy
    3. The Holocaust and McDonaldization
  6. Modernity's Unfinished Project
    1. Biographical Sketch: Jurgen Habermas
    2. Habermas versus Postmodernists
  7. Informationalism and the Network Society
  8. Globalization Theory
    1. Kellner's Neo-Marxian Perspective on Globalization
    2. Giddens on the "Runaway World" of Globalization
    3. Beck and the Politics of Globalization
    4. Bauman and the Human Consequences of Globalization
    5. Ritzer on the "Globalization of Nothing"
    6. Appadurai's "Landscapes"
  9. Summary