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Sociological Theory, 6/e
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Chapter 1: A Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Early Years
Chapter 2: Karl Marx
Chapter 3: Emile Durkheim
Chapter 4: Max Weber
Chapter 5: Georg Simmel
Chapter 6: A Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Later Years
Chapter 7: Structural Functionalism, Neofunctionalism, and Conflict Theory
Chapter 8: Varieties of Neo-Marxian Theory
Chapter 9: Systems Theory
Chapter 10: Symbolic Interactionism
Chapter 11: Ethnomethodology
Chapter 12: Exchange, Network, and Rational Choice Theories
Chapter 13: Contemporary Feminist Theory
Chapter 14: Micro-Macro Integration
Chapter 15: Agency-Structure Integration
Chapter 16: Contemporary Theories of Modernity
Chapter 17: Structuralism, Poststructuralism, and the Emergence of Postmodern Social Theory