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Making Sense of Movies
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Making Sense of Movies: Filmmaking in the Hollywood Style

Robert Henry Stanley, Hunter College, City University of New York


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Chapter 1: The Preproduction Phase
Chapter 2: Principal Cinematography
Chapter 3: The Postproduction Phase
Chapter 4: The Speechless Era
Chapter 5: The Studio Era
Chapter 6: The Electronic Era
Chapter 7: Genres and Designs
Chapter 8: Characters and Stereotypes
Chapter 9: Censoring Screen Content
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Feature Summary

NEW for the introductory course! Making Sense of Movies focuses on the Hollywood style of moviemaking in an examination of the aesthetic, historical, and theoretical aspects of film studies. The book’s unique 3-part structure allows instructors to cover technical, historical, and contextual issues in film in one course.

”The real strength of Making Sense of Movies is its conception of the "movie idiom".... bridging production, history, and textual analysis”
-Amy Villarejo, Cornell University

“The coverage of early censorship is marvelous, as good as I’ve read anywhere in summary form.”
-Robin Matthews, Golden West College

“I couldn’t be more impressed with this book. I especially love its scope and its ability to cover a great deal of territory in a small amount of space.”
-Tom Isbell, University of Minnesota, Duluth

“Because of the stories, because of the writing, because of the problem solving examples, I think this book could be a loved piece of reading...”
-Robin Bates, St. Mary’s College of Maryland