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Management Information Systems: Solving Business Problems with Information Technology, 3/e
Gerald V. Post, University of the Pacific
David L. Anderson, DePaul U/McGowan Center

Electronic Business and Entrepreneurship

Chapter 11 Review Questions

1. How does e-business fit into different locations within the production chain?

2. What are the potential benefits and costs to disintermediation that can be accomplished with e-business?

3. How does EC differ in the three areas of prepurchase, purchase, and postpurchase?

4. What is CRM and why is it increasingly important—particularly in a world of wireless connections and the Internet?

5. What choices are available for promoting a website?

6. What standards exist in Web advertisements? How do Web advertisements affect customer privacy?

7. What options are available for building and hosting websites?

8. What will attract consumers to mobile commerce? What problems have to be overcome before it is successful?

9. Many people were concerned that by not requiring EC firms to collect sales taxes, traditional firms would eventually lose business, and the states would suffer large declines in tax collections. Why did this scenario not happen? Might it still happen in the future?

10. What problems make it difficult for EC to be global?

11. Why did so many early EC firms fail? Could the same problems affect EC firms now and in the future? Does it mean that EC is dead?

12. What are the primary steps in starting a new business?

13. What are the main elements of a business plan?

14. What additional steps are needed to start an e-commerce firm, or to expand a conventional firm into e-commerce?