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Classical Sociological Theory, 4/e
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Alfred Schutz
Classical Sociological Theory

Web Links

The Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology
This site contains resources covering everything one would ever want to know about phenomenology, and more. The pages on the basics of phenomenology and Alfred Schutz's work are especially useful.
( )
Biography of Alfred Schutz
This site contains a very good brief intellectual biography of Schutz's life and work.
( )
Selections from Schutz's Work
This page lists a number of concise, illustrative passages from various works written by Alfred Schutz.
( )
Phenomenology Online
This excellent site contains resources on all aspects of phenomenology, including an introduction, bibliographies, profiles of phenomenologists, a glossary, and links to other sites on the topic.
( )
The Husserl Page
The Husserl page contains resources on every conceivable aspect of Edmund Husserl's life and work, including a collection of online texts.
( )
Phenomenology and Sociology
This site provides a very brief discussion of the contributions of phenomenology to sociological thought, as well a color photograph of Alfred Schutz.
( )
Famous Sociologists
This site includes links to a biography of Schutz, as well as a glossary of his central concepts.
( )
This page gives a brief history of the intellectual lineage of phenomenological thought, including references to classical sociological theorists such as Max Weber.
( )
The Internet Dictionary of Philosophy: Alfred Schutz
This is an excellent, detailed discussion of Schutz's intellectual influences and his central ideas on how phenomenology contributed to sociology.
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