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Physical Geology Chapter 5 Internet Exercise

Take a virtual field trip to see a fine example of how geologists reconstruct the geologic history of a region with field work.

Go to the A Virtual Field Trip from Oneonta to the Hudson River and answer the questions that follow using information you learned on the trip.

Now, on to the time machine!

1. What is the age of the oldest rock exposed in New York? What type of rocks are they? How did they form?

2. Which event occurred first - the Taconic Orogeny or the Acadian Orogeny or the Alleghenian Orogeny? When did each of these occur? What was the geologic process that caused these mountain building events?

3. When did continental glaciers cover New York? What is the geological evidence that glaciers once covered New York?

4. What types of rocks are found within the Unadilla Formation? When did these rocks form? What geological processes were responsible for their formation?

5. What type of unconformity is exposed at Stop 4a? What is the geological evidence for this unconformity? What geologic process caused the unconformity to form?

6. What type of fault is exposed at Stop 4b? What is the geological evidence for the existence of this fault? What geologic process was responsible for the formation of this fault?

7. What types of geologic structures are illustrated at Stop 4d?

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