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Current Year's Working Papers
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Apple Blossom Cologne Company Audit Case: Revised Working Papers, 5/e
Jack W. Paul, Lehigh University

Current Year's Working Papers

These working paper files are listed on p.14 of the case and were inadvertenly omitted from the cd included with the case.

Stu WP A-1 Bank Rec BCNB (19.0K)
Stu WP A-3 Bank Rec SNB (18.0K)
Stu WP A-6 Undep Cash Rec (18.0K)
Stu WP A-7 Petty Cash (19.0K)
Stu WP B-1 AR Aged TB (23.0K)
Stu WP C-1 Inventory (23.0K)
Stu WP C-2 Inventory Observation (22.0K)
Stu WP E-2 Securities Exam (18.0K)
Stu WP F-2 Additions PPE (19.0K)
Stu WP F-3 Retiremts PPE (19.0K)
Stu WP F-4 Depreciation (19.0K)
Stu WP F-5 Repairs and Maint (19.0K)
Stu WP G-1 Accounts Payable (17.0K)
Stu WP H-1 Accrued PR Taxes (19.0K)
Stu WP H-4 Fed IT Payable (18.0K)
Stu WP P-1 Time Budget (23.0K)
Stu WP TBBSTBIS Trial Bal (45.0K)