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Avanti!: Beginning Italian

Janice M. Aski, The Ohio State University
Diane Musumeci, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ISBN: 0072859830
Copyright year: 2007

The priority in the conceptualization of Avanti! was to create an introductory Italian language program that meets the needs of both instructors and learners. There are three significant characteristics that set Avanti! apart from other beginning Italian texts that are currently available.

  • First, in response to instructors’ concern that most textbooks attempt to cover too much material in the first year, Avanti! reflects reasonable expectations for the amount of material that most beginning learners can acquire in one year of classroom instruction.
  • Second, Avanti! strives to satisfy students’ desire to communicate in everyday situations right from the start. The activities guide students to communicate in truly meaningful contexts that encourage students to explore the rich and unique Italian culture.
  • Third, the methodology of Avanti! is firmly grounded in current findings from research in second language acquisition and foreign language pedagogy. The materials provide support for instructors, particularly those with limited experience, whose goals are to teach mainly, if not exclusively, in Italian, and to create the student-centered, communicative classroom environment that is promoted by this research.

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