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Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish

Bill VanPatten, University of Illinois at Chicago
Michael J. Leeser, Florida State University
Gregory D. Keating, University of Illinois at Chicago
Esperanza Román-Mendoza, George Mason University

ISBN: 0072862815
Copyright year: 2005

Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish is an exciting new film-based introductory Spanish program that seamlessly integrates the feature-length film Sol y viento into the instructional and learning experience for both students and instructors.

The movie Sol y viento, created specifically for beginning language learners, was filmed on location in Chile, Mexico, and the United States. The Sol y viento textbook and accompanying ancillaries have been developed with and around this exciting movie, providing students with exceptional input developed specifically for beginning learners. Language is presented within the context of the movie; and linguistic skills are developed through engaging, meaningful activities that encourage students to develop real-world skills and abilities. Both instructors and students alike will find Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish to be a highly motivating introductory Spanish program designed especially for today’s language learners!

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For an exciting sneak preview, check out the Sol y viento Trailer (22133.0K). For a more detailed glimpse into the film, watch the full Episodio_2 (60697.0K).

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Introducing Sol y viento, DIGITAL EDITION!

Introducing the exciting new Digital Edition of Sol y viento. This interactive digital version of the textbook is ideal for online courses, hybrid courses, or for instructors who want to bring additional multimedia resources into the classroom. In addition to embedded audio, video, and Internet links, the Digital Edition contains a voiceboard "chat" feature that enables students to partner with a classmate in order to complete many of the communicative activities previously only doable in class. This voiceboard feature also allows students to record their interactions, to save those recordings to the integrated instructor gradebook, and to have instructors provide their own audio feedback as part of the assessment and grading process.

Contact your local McGraw-Hill sales representative for more information on the Digital Edition of Sol y viento. AVAILABLE IN EARLY 2007!

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Sol y viento

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