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Object-Oriented and Classical Software Engineering, 6/e
Steve Schach

Classical and Object-Oriented Software Engineering, 6/e is designed for an introductory software engineering course. This book provides an excellent introduction to software engineering fundamentals, covering both traditional and object-oriented techniques. Schach's unique organization and style makes it excellent for use in a classroom setting. It presents the underlying software engineering theory in Part I and follows it up with the more practical life-cycle material in Part II. A running case study through the second half of the book helps students apply software engineering principles to a real project. The book has been updated to use the Unified Process model throughout, making the text more practical and modern. The material has also been revised to conform to the latest ISO/IEC 12207 standards. Additionally, the references and examples have been thoroughly updated to appeal to today's student. This book is accompanied by a website, which includes Solutions, PowerPoints that incorporate lecture notes, self-quiz questions, and source code for the term project and case study.

FOR INSTRUCTORS ONLY: Once you enter the Instructor Center, to access the individual Instructor Resources, please click on the chapter of your choice. Once you do so, the left-hand navigation bar will direct you to both the Solutions Manual and the PowerPoint slides for each chapter. You can then click on each individual file to download it.