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Chapter 1: Science and Pseudoscience

Chapter 2: Epistemology: How You Know What You Know

  • A brief presentation about childbed fever, with a series of statements taken directly from The Etiology, Concept and Prophylaxis of Childbed Fever, written by Ignaz Semmelweis, the Hungarian doctor who solved the mystery.
  • Extensive bibliography and reviews by skeptics of numerous topics related to the occult and the paranormal, as well as examination of fringe claims, including those made about the field of archaeology.
  • Click on the links for The Scientific Method and A Field Guide to Critical Thinking. Wonderfully concise discussions to supplement Chapter 2. The link takes you to the Skeptic Friends Network website.

Chapter 3: Anatomy of an Archaeological Hoax

Chapter 4: Dawson's Dawn Man: The Hoax at Piltdown

Chapter 5: Who Discovered America?

Chapter 6: The Myth of the Moundbuilders

Chapter 7: Lost: One Continent -- Reward

Chapter 8: Prehistoric E.T.: The Fantasy of Ancient Astronauts

Easter Island
  • Especially useful for an extensive series of links to Easter Island websites as well as breaking news about archaeological work on the island and potential threats to the Moai as a result of recent plans to develop parts of the island.
  • PBS companion webpage to the Nova "Secrets of Easter Island" documentary.
Mars Face

Chapter 9: Mysterious Egypt

Chapter 10: Good Vibrations: Psychics and Dowsers

Chapter 11: Old Time Religion -- New Age Vision

CreationismNoah's ArkClaimed Co-occurrence of Dinosaur and Human FootprintsThe Shroud of Turin
  • A brief, skeptical note regarding the shroud. Click on the link to the carbon 14 graph to see how unlikely it is that recent contamination had contributed to its late-thirteenth/early-fourteenth-century radiocarbon date.

Chapter 12: Real Mysteries of a Veritable Past

Cave Painters
  • official webpage of the French Ministry of Culture focusing on Chauvet Cave. The site includes a photo album, map, history, and links to websites devoted to other Upper Paleolithic painted caves.
  • Splendid website devoted to Lascaux Cave. Take a virtual walk through the cave and gaze upon most of the major works of art.
MayaStonehenge/Stone Circles

Frauds, Myths, and MysteriesOnline Learning Center

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