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Multiple Choice Quiz
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In the U.S., which of the following fields is experiencing the greatest demand for new teachers?
B)social studies
C)home economics
D)physical education
Teacher salaries tend to be highest in what region of the U.S.?
D)Far West
Which of the following is NOT a typical benefit of teaching in a private school, as compared with teaching in a public school?
A)more motivated students
B)greater sense of community
C)more supportive parents
D)greater benefits and higher salaries
Teachers' licenses are awarded by
A)the U.S. Department of Education.
B)individual states.
C)schools of education.
D)all of the above.
If you were hired to teach math but did not have a degree in mathematics and had not completed a teacher preparation course, you might be granted which kind of license?
A)initial (provisional)
B)standard (professional)
D)conditional (emergency)
What is an endorsement?
A)union backing for a job action such as a teachers' strike
B)certification (seal of approval) from a professional organization such as the National Council of Teachers of English
C)state approval for a teacher to teach in an additional field or at a different level
D)certification from the highest authority of teaching competence: the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Graduates of accredited teacher preparation programs
A)are granted a teaching license valid from their date of graduation.
B)receive credit on their student loans up to the amount of $2500; the U.S. Department of Education is currently working to increase this credit.
C)are not required to take teacher competency tests such as Praxis I; graduation from their program satisfies the competency requirement.
D)find the process of becoming licensed in a number of states is facilitated.
Which of the following is NOT an argument for alternative licensure?
A)"We need more teachers of color in the U.S. Alternative licensure programs have a better track record of attracting candidates who reflect the diversity of our country."
B)"We need science and math teachers in the U.S. Alternative programs such as Troops to Teachers and Teach for America have drawn a higher percentage of mathematics and science applicants than traditional programs have."
C)"We are experiencing a teacher shortage. Giving the older, more experienced worker an alternative path to becoming a teacher can't help but expand the pool of applicants."
D)"We need to attract candidates who are committed to teaching. Applicants who pursue alternative licensure programs are more committed to staying in the teaching career than those who go through traditional teacher preparation programs."
Since 1985, Teach for America and other alternative licensure programs have prepared
A)fewer than 5 percent of teachers in the United States.
B)between 5 and 10 percent of teachers in the United States.
C)about 15 percent of teachers in the United States.
D)about 20 percent of teachers in the United States.
The Praxis Assessment for Beginning Teachers is most closely associated with
A)minimum teacher competency tests.
B)preliminary board certification.
C)university endorsement.
D)passing the first hurdle for a merit raise.
Which of the following is the most authentic assessment of beginning teachers?
A)National Teachers Examination
B)Praxis I
C)Praxis II
D)Praxis III

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