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1. What is your Philosophy of Education?

Click here to visit the Philosophy of Education Yearbook Web site. Each yearbook includes dozens of articles written by members of the Philosophy of Education Society. Scan the tables of contents for the various yearbooks until you find an article whose title peaks your interest. Read that article and answer the following questions.

Why did you choose this article? What aspect of your own philosophy of education does it appeal to? Write a one-paragraph summary of your article's main themes or arguments. Do you agree with the authors? Write a one-page response statement.

Has this article caused you to rethink any aspects of your personal philosophy of education? If so, explain how.

2. Philosophies of Education

You will find a mission statement posted on all of the following K-12 school Web sites.

Goodwin School

Shafter Elementary School


Kingsburg School

Which of the philosophies covered in your textbook can you identify within these mission statements? What Web site elements photos, content, format give credence to your appraisal and validate the school's philosophy? Are there conflicting messages?

Which mission statement is most appealing to you? What does this tell you about your own philosophy of education?

3. Progressivism and Dewey's Laboratory School

Click here to visit the Web site for the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. In what ways do these present-day Laboratory Schools reflect John Dewey's philosophy? Cite specific examples from the Web site to illustrate your answer.

How does the Laboratory School approach differ from that of "standard" public school systems with which you are familiar? Would you want to teach in one of these Laboratory Schools? Would you send you own child to one of these schools? Explain your answers.

Considering some of the unique issues facing schools today like school violence, teen suicide, drug abuse, etc., do you think that Dewey's century-old philosophy is still relevant today? Explain your answer.

4. Existentialism

Click the links below to visit the Web sites for the two existentialist private schools discussed in your text.

The Summerhill School

The Sudbury Valley School

What is your personal reaction to the educational approaches reflected in these Web sites? What are the potential benefits and pitfalls of being educated in this way? Cite two examples of educational practices that you think are especially beneficial to students, then cite two examples that you find dubious.

Would you want to work at either of these schools? Why or why not?

5. Behaviorism

Click here to learn about Fast ForWord, a multimedia training program for individuals with language and reading problems. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basic design of this product, click here to read about how it can be used in the classroom.

In what ways does Fast ForWord represent a behaviorist approach to education? Cite specific examples to support your answer. What is your personal view of this approach? How would you feel about using it in your own teaching? What are its potential advantages and disadvantages?

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