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The B. F. Skinner Foundation
A site filled with information about the B. F. Skinner Foundation, including an autobiography, his books and available reprints.
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Center for Dewey Studies
A gateway to the professional work of this progressive educator.
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The Coalition of Essential Schools
The web site for the Coalition of Essential Schools.
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Core Knowledge
A gateway to curriculum, articles, and schools supporting E.D. Hirsch's call for cultural literacy and a common knowledge base in schools.
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Existential Frames - A Primer to Existentialism
Introduces the reader to basic existential terms and ideas created by an individual with a high interest in philosophy.
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Institute for Global Ethics
Studies ethical issues in education, business and public policy, including a monthly feature titled "How would you solve these ethical dilemmas.
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The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Provides brief biographies of philosophers, defines terms, and summarizes major philosophical debates in education and beyond.
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The Jean Piaget Society
The Society provides an open forum, through publications, for the presentation and discussion of scholarly work on issues related to human knowledge and its development.
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The Objectivity Home Page
A journal of metaphysics, epistemology, and theory of value- informed by modern science.
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The Philosophy Pages
Contains an online dictionary of philosophical terms, a history of western philosophy, and extensive links to individual philosophers.
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Philosophy Resources on the Web
The Iowa State University Library offers sever al philosophy guides and encyclopedias. It also provides electronic access to philosophy journals that examine the evolution of ideas and their influence on contemporary society. In addition, this site includes a comprehensive bibliography of women in philosophy.
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Play Twenty One
When Charles Van Doren faced these questions on the NBC quiz show "Twenty One," he held a hidden advantage: he had already been provided with the answers. In an honest game, how would you match up.
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St. John's College
St. John’s College is a co-educational, four-year liberal arts college known for its distinctive “great books” curriculum. Surf the site to learn about the school's mission, hear about student life on the campus, and view each term's Great Books reading list.
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Sudbury Valley School
See what life is like in a school founded on the principles of existentialism and democracy.
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Summer Hill
Take a tour of A.S. Neill's existential school.
( Sudbury Valley School )

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