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Class Acts
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Teaching has always been a dream for me. Growing up in a small town has taught me to appreciate education. When I was in elementary school, most of my teachers were strict. It took me a few years to understand there purpose for being so mean. I learned that they weren't being mean, they were trying to mold and shape me for the future. My elementary teachers laid the foundation for me to become a successful student today. Today's world has many challenges; because I'm intelligent I believe I can meet those challenges. Because of my elementary teachers motivation and then believing that I would succeed in life, I now possess the necessary skills to help train our children for the future. I will do everything in my power to help students become successful leaders for tomorrow. In becoming an effective teacher, it is often important to reflect upon past learning experiences. I was the students that always wanted to finish first, I had to have the best grades. I was in elementary school when I learned that being the first to complete an assignment or making the best grades wasn't important, my elementary teachers taught me that taking my time and doing my very best was the most important thing about learning. When you have done your best, you have succeeded in the first steps of learning. I learned that you take what you have learned and add to them your new learning objectives, you then will become knowledgeable and a successful student. I hope to use this information in motivating my students. I would like to applaud my elementary teachers for doing a wonderful job at educating me. There is no way I could pick out one teacher because deep down, I know they all did a good joy. Hats off to all you.

Cassandra Bank
Mississippi Valley State University

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