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Doing Philosophy: An Introduction Through Thought Experiments, 2/e
Theodore Schick, Muhlenberg College
Lewis Vaughn

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Chapter 1: The Philosophical Enterprise
Section 1: Explaining the Possibility of the Impossible: Philosophical Problems and Theories
Section 2: Evidence and Inference: Proving Your Point
Section 3: The Laboratory of the Mind: Thought Experiments
Chapter 2: The Mind-Body Problem
Section 1: The Ghost in the Machine: Mind as Soul
Section 2: You Are What You Eat: Mind as Body
Section 3: I, Robot: Mind as Software
Section 4: There Ain't No Such Things as Ghosts: Mind as Myth
Section 5: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: Mind as Quality
Chapter 3: Free Will and Determinism
Section 1: The Luck of the Draw: Freedom as Chance
Section 2: The Mother of Invention: Freedom as Necessity
Section 3: Control Yourself: Freedom as Self-Determination
Chapter 4: The Problem of Personal Identity
Section 1: We are Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On: Self as Substance
Section 2: Golden Memories: Self as Psyche
Section 3: You Can't Step Into the Same River Twice: Self as Process
Chapter 5: The Problem of Relativism and Morality
Section 1: Don't Question Authority: Might Makes Right
Section 2: The End Justifies the Means: Good Makes Right
Section 3: Much Obliged: Duty Makes Right
Section 4: Character is Destiny: Virtue Makes Right
Chapter 6: The Problem of Evil and the Existence of God
Section 1: The Mysterious Universe: God as Creator
Section 2: When Bad Things Happen to Good People: God as Troublemaker
Chapter 7: The Problem of Skepticism and Knowledge
Section 1: Things Aren't Always What They Seem: Skepticism About Skepticism
Section 2: Facing Reality: Perception and the External World
Section 3: What Do You Know: Knowing What Knowledge Is