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Case Studies

Welcome to the Media Ethics Case Study Archive! This archive is available for free to all Instructors and Students who use Media Ethics: Issues and Cases, Fifth edition by Philip Patterson and Lee Wilkins. This password-protected site contains fourty-seven case studies from previous editions of Media Ethics.

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Chapter 2 Case Studies: News As Persuasion by Wilkins (40.0K)
  Columbine: News and Community by Wilkins (40.0K)
  The Doctor Has AIDS by Elliott (24.0K)
  Rodent Wars and Cultural Battles - Reporting Hantavirus (27.0K)
  Nine Days in Union - The Susan Smith Case (26.0K)
 Taste_in_Photojournalism_by_Hodges (24.0K)
  Reporter_and_Confidential_Sources (23.0K)
  Too_Many_Bodies_Too_Much_Blood (22.0K)
Chapter 3 Case Studies: A_Case_of_Need (22.0K)
  Exxon Whipping Cream on a Pile of Manure (23.0K)
  A Sobering Dilemma by Horvit (37.0K)
Chapter 4 Case Studies: She Chose before Losing the Choice by Lyons (38.0K)
  Standing behind a reporter by Sweeney (39.0K)
  The Wonderful World of Junkets (24.0K)
  The_Anchor_as_Activist (20.0K)
Chapter 5 Case Studies: Public Relations role in the Alar scare by Patterson (51.0K)
  Handling the Media in Times of Crisis by Hansen (33.0K)
  A_Case_of_Need (22.0K)
Chapter 6 Case Studies: Naming Names - Privacy and the Public Right to Know (25.0K)
  Public Grief and the Right to Be Left Alone by Patterson (2547.0K)
  A Reporter's Question: Propriety and Punishment by Stanley Cunningham (18.0K)
  Computers and the news by Speckman (40.0K)
  Honor to Die For - Newsweek and the Admiral Boorda Case (24.0K)
  Culture, law and Privacy by Wilkins (44.0K)
Chapter 7 Case Studies: The David Duke Controversy by Woods (1176.0K)
  Whose Abuse of Power - The Seattle Times and Brock Adams (26.0K)
  Denver's Rocky Flats - The Role of the Alternative Press (25.0K)
  Terrorist Use of the News Media and News Media Use of Terrorists (25.0K)
  Singapore: Balancing Democracy by Lee (47.0K)
Chapter 8 Case Studies: Union Activisim and the Broadcast Personality by Cunningham (23.0K)
  A salesperson's dilemma by Warner (19.0K)
  Turning On the Light - The San Antonio Newspaper War (26.0K)
  Calvin Klein's kiddie by Lilley (760.0K)
Chapter 9 Case Studies: Film at 10 by Duhe (125.0K)
  Raid, Reunion, or Neutral Coverage? The Elián González Story (4219.0K)
  Looking at Race and Sex by Horvitt (47.0K)
  Faking Photos by Van Meter (1937.0K)
Chapter 10 Case Studies: The witch and the woods by Speckman (41.0K)
  The Napster debate by Reithmiller (39.0K)
  Digital Sound Sampling - Sampling the Options (27.0K)
  Cry_Wolf_Time_Magazine_and_the_Cyberporn_Story (30.0K)
  Filmmaking - Looking through the Lens for Truth (25.0K)
  The_Madonna_and the_Web_Site (30.0K)
Chapter 11 Case Studies: How to remember Malcolm X by Lancaster (23.0K)
  Beavis and Butthead by Patterson (42.0K)
  Joe Klein and the Authorship of Primary Colors - Stranger than Fiction (26.0K)
  Bamboozled by Wilkins (42.0K)